Evaluation of some physical and chemical properties of the Tigris River water in the city of Dhuluiya, Salah al-Din


  • Hiba Hamad Mohammad Department of Biology، College of Education for Women، Tikrit University
  • Hameed Salman Khamees Department of Biology، College of Education for Women، Tikrit University




Tigris River water, chemical and physical properties of water


The physical and chemical factors on the course of the Tigris River in the city of Dhuluiya were evaluated for five stations، the first of which is in Al-Nahrain sub-district of Al-Dhuluiya district, the second is located in the Hawija marine area and is away from the first station 4KM and the third station is in the village of Al-Siddiq, 3 km away from the previous station. The fourth station is located in the village of Bishkan, southeast of Dhuluiya It is 3.5 km away from the previous station. The fifth station is located at the end of the region before the confluence of the Tigris and Al-Azim rivers, 2.5 km away from the station during the study period from September 2020 to February 2021. The study included the measurement of some physical factors (air temperature, water temperature, turbidity, electrical conductivity) and some chemical factors (pH, dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen, total hardness, calcium hardness, magnesium hardness( and plant nutrients.( Silica, nitrate, phosphate) The results showed that the air temperature ranged between (12.5-30.5) degrees Celsius, and the water temperature recorded values ranging between (11.5 - 27.3) degrees Celsius. As for the turbidity, it ranged between (3.25-146) N.T.U. The conductivity values ranged between (145-651) microsiemens/cm.  The PH values at the study region showed a low  alkalinity،which were (7.4-7.95) .It was also noticed that dissolved oxygen values were (7.4-12.5) mg/L .Depending on B.O.D values the water qaulity was fairly clean and was ranged (0.1-2.9)mg/L .The stations hardness depended on the geological land characteristics upon which water flows that it was founded that water was hard and was mostly resulted from bicarbonate .Total hardness was (110-218.267)mg/L ,calcium hardness was (64.640-102.579)mg/L ,magnesium hardness was (18.3-43.214) mg/L . Concerning plant nutrition ،silicate  value was ranged (0.02-4.2) mg/L, nitrate was (0.359-1.26) µg NO-NO3/L, while phosphate value was (0.02-3.6) µg P-PO4/L