A Relationship of the cardiac biomarkers with COVID-19: A review


  • abdullah Aldossari Religious Education and Islamic Studies Department/ Iraqi Sunni affairs




This review was designed to find out the effect of biomarkers used as predictive signs for the diagnosis of cardiac injury on COVID-19 patients and the probability of death. The current literature has been reviewed and some results considered. A systematic literary research has been conducted in Google Scholar, Web of Science and Pubmed for research starting from the date the disease appeared In December 2019 until the beginning of April 2020, the references used research phrases containing COVID-19 and its relationship to predictive indicators of cardiac injury. The results of the citations showed 8 researches related to this topic that used cardiac biomarkers that are high sensitive Cardiac troponin (Hs-cTn) and Natriuretic peptides (NP), creatine  kinase  type MB (CK-MB) and high sensitive C-reactive protein(Hs-CRP) and lactate dehydrogenase(LDH) with COVID-19 patients. This review concluded that there was a significant increase in cardiac biomarkers in those with COVID-19 who had a medical history of cardiac injury who were more likely to die.