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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • ملاحظة:
    تتعلق مدة قبول البحث بوقت المراجعين، ونلتزم بنشر البحث المقبول وفق السياقات والتوقيتات المعمول بها لدى هيئة التحرير
  • نحن الموقعون أدناه، نقر بأن البحث هو عمل أصلي لم يتم نشره سابقًا، كما أنه لم يتم تقديمه للنشر في أي مجلة أخرى. نحن جميعًا نوافق على تقديم هذا البحث للنشر في مجلة
    Samarra journal of pure and applied science.
  • نحن نلتزم بأن تكون جميع البيانات والمعلومات المقدمة في البحث صحيحة ودقيقة. كما نتعهد بالالتزام بجميع القوانين والأخلاقيات العلمية في إعداد وتقديم هذا البحث
  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).
  • The submission file is in Microsoft Word.
  • Where available, URLs for the references have been provided.
  • The text is single-spaced; uses a 12-point font; employs italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.
  • The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines.
  • The Manuscript should be written in English or Arabic.
  • 70% of references are recent and are within the last 5 years.
  • Refercens are written only in english language.

Author Guidelines

Publication policy

The "Samarra Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences" adopts, in selecting its research, the formal and objective specifications of international peer-reviewed journals, an institution for parents:

1- It must have been published, in part or in whole, in any publication or paper medium.

2- Please submit the research published form on the journal's website.

3- Intellectual property rights: Intellectual property rights in Arabic or Arabic originals or translated into intellectual property rights for the articles published in the magazine. Express from Samarra Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences.

4- Preparing the manuscript: The author must be original, objective, accurate, scientifically and methodologically accurate in editing his manuscript, and upon him, upon him, upon him, upon him, on his possession, on his possession, on his possession, on his possession of the highest degrees of quality, linguistic and formal. Ibid.

5- The scientific university: the issued academic study:

6- Publication, the photo that has been published in the field sent for review in other journals, corresponding to that new manuscript.

7- Data: It is necessary to save the data that he reached through the research that he nominated for publication, as you want it for the editorial board when needed or requested.

8- Authors: It is ethical to recall that author status is granted only to researchers who have contributed to research and editing. co-author, sender, co-author.

9- References and Quotations: Reviewer and Quotations: The author adheres to international standards for citations and documentation of references, including, in particular, all quotations are documented and limited to two doubles, and that the author is keen that the size of a single citation does not exceed 20 consecutive words, and that the size of the total quotations does not exceed 20 % of the total size of the manuscript. The author is also obligated to notify about the errors that he came to notice of late, and to cooperate with the editorial board to correct them.

10- The journal adopts digital acquisition using the Turnitin program, provided that the acquisition rate does not exceed 20%.

Author's guide

1- It must have been published, in part or in whole, in any publication or paper medium.

2- The research should include the following elements:

a. Research title in both Arabic and English.

B. Summary of the Arabic and third lists (150-200 words). And the keywords (keywords) after the summary, and they should be in both languages.

c. Define the research problem, its objectives, reviews, and reviews.

e. To the primary references that he benefited from, and to adhere to the research, and the documentation documents for the references that Hermon adopts for the studies.

3- The research shall be between 6000-12000 words, including references in the bookmark, references, words of proportion and appendices in their case, according to its estimates and exceptionally, some studies that cannot read this number.

4- Please submit the research published form on the journal's website.

The approved format for writing References is the (APA) format.


  1. Hoshuyama, O., Sugiyama, A., & Hirano, A. (1999). A robust adaptive beamformer for microphone arrays with a blocking matrix using constrained adaptive filters. IEEE Transactions on signal processing47(10), 2677-2684.‏ doi: 10.1109/78.790650
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         doi 10.1109/ APCCAS.2004.1412761

  1. Taflove, A. (1995). Computational Electrodynamics: The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method Artech House. Norwood, MA, USA, 1995, second edition.
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  3. Al Samarrai, O. R. (2017). Effect of Some Secondary Metabolites of Myrrh and Bay leaf on the Levels of Some Pancreatic β-cells Hormones and Some Other Biochemical Parameters. PhD Thesis, University of Tikrit.
  4. CVX Research: ‘CVX (2013). CVX: Matlab software for disciplined convex programming, version 2.0 beta,


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