Properties and Electrical of Nano composite (Ni1-xSrxFe12O19) prepared by sol-gel


  • Dhifaf Hussain hasan Physical Department, College of Science, Kirkuk University
  • Sabah Jalal Fathi Physical Department, College of Science, Kirkuk University



properties of the compositional results


Prepare the nanocomponent (Ni1-xSrx Fe12O19) by Sol method - Sol - gel for automatic combustion with certain weight ratios (x= 0.0 ,0.1 ,0.2 , 0.3 , 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 ,0.7, 0.8, 0.9) and compacted samples under pressure (7 ton/cm2), as were all the sampling speed when the temperature (900 oC) for two hours (2h) when examining the properties of the compositional results of X-ray diffraction (XRD) that the compound has several phases are Composite (Fe2O3) which allows Hematite) ( the phase (Trigonal) when the angle (α =55.280 Ao ) and the value of the constant-like(a = 5.4200 Ao), Composite (NiO), which allows (Bunsenite) and developed Cube (cubic) When (a=4.1684 Ao ), composite (Fe2NiO ) developed cuboidal also not stationary reticule (a= 8.3400 Ao) and composite (Sr2 Fe2 O5) - order quadrilateral-based (Orthorhombic). The results of the internal structure showed through the scanning electron microscope (SEM) that the granular size ranges from (31-46) nm. as shown by the results of the electrical characteristics of fixed insulation electric less than its value increased at (x= 0.5) if the rate was the lowest value of the constant is.1*10-7) ( when frequency (500KHz), while the value (-1.284*10-8) at frequency (1MHz), increases and then decreases to increase the temperature, and conductivity electric alternating σ(A.C) their values are increased by increasing frequency and increasing temperature and the highest conductivity is at (x= 0.7) and is 5.41*107 (Ω).m)-1 at (150ºC) and at (500khz), while at (1MHz) the highest conductivity value is at (x= 0.2) and its value is (2.59*10-12ω/m) at (150ºC) temperature as well.