Determination of uranium concentration levels in human hair and nails


  • Zeena J. Raheem Department of Physics, College of Education, Al-Iraqia University



Uranium concentration in nails, Uranium concentration in hair , Trace detector, and Iraqi Atomic Energy Organization


The study aims to evaluate the efficiency of the nuclear trace detector technology in determining and comparing the levels of uranium concentration in human hair and nail samples. 45 samples of hair and nail samples were collected from people of both sexes living in three areas close to the Iraqi Atomic Energy Organization. The uranium concentrations were determined by calculations based on a comparison with the standard samples. Uranium concentration levels in hair and nails varied from 20 to 680 ng/g and from 1 to 55 ng/g, respectively. It was found that the concentrations of uranium in hair were higher than the concentrations of uranium in the nails. The study showed the highest concentration of uranium in the hair and nail samples of the residents of the Al Tuwaitha area.  Additionally, there is a significant disparity between the levels of uranium concentrations in the hair and nails between men and women, and between the population of the same region.




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J. Raheem, Z. . (2023). Determination of uranium concentration levels in human hair and nails. Samarra Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 5(2), 130–140.