Estimation of hepcidin and some biochemical variables for pregnant women in Samarra city


  • Nermeen Abd-aljaleel Ai-Samarrai Samarra University
  • Othman Rashid Al Samarrai Department of Chemistry, College of Education, University of Samarra



Hepcidin, Iron, Hemoglobin, Glucose, Total Protien, Albumin


Pregnancy is a natural condition that a pregnant woman adapts to during a period that extends from fertilization of the egg to childbirth, and the pregnancy lasts about nine months, and one or more fetuses develop inside the mother’s womb, which is known Embryo during the first eight weeks of pregnancy, and after that it is called Fetus term until birth, Some studies showed that hepcidin hormone is inhibited during pregnancy, as the results indicated that hepcidin is at lower levels during pregnancy than in a non-pregnant state, and it is assumed that this happens to ensure greater bioavailability of iron for the mother and fetus, The study aimed to evaluate the concentration of hepcidin hormone and concentration of each of iron, hemoglobin, glucose, total protein and albumin. The study included collecting 90 blood samples from pregnant and non-pregnant women in Samarra city, The samples were collected from the laboratories of Samarra General Hospital and a specialized clinic for the period from 1/10/ 2022 to 30/12/2022, 69 blood samples were taken from pregnant women divided into the three pregnancies, 23 samples for each trimester of pregnancy, and 21 blood samples from non-pregnant women as a control group, aged between 18 to 40 year, The results showed a significant decrease at P< 0.05 in the level of hepcidin, iron, glucose, hemoglobin, total protein and albumin in the blood serums of pregnant women compared with non-pregnant women.




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Abd-aljaleel Ai-Samarrai, N., & Al Samarrai, O. R. (2024). Estimation of hepcidin and some biochemical variables for pregnant women in Samarra city. Samarra Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 6(1), 1–9.