Technique Bidirectional Visitor Counter


  • Ola Marwan Assim Department of Computer Engineering, University of Mosul
  • Nils Pfeifer ETI Department, University of Siegen, Siegen, German



Bidirectional counter, customer experiences, decision-making, sales opportunities, marketing strategies


Bidirectional counters, electronic devices, or systems that track and count people or objects entering and exiting a specific space offer valuable insights into various applications. In marketing and sales, bidirectional counters are crucial in understanding customer behaviour, optimizing strategies, and enhancing overall performance. This paper investigates the design of a simple bidirectional counter application and evaluates its impact on marketing and sales. By tracking visitors, conversion rates, and visitor patterns, bidirectional counters enable data-driven decision-making and improved customer experiences. The paper highlights the potential of bidirectional counters as powerful tools for marketers and sales professionals, maximizing sales opportunities and driving effective marketing strategies to satisfy customers and increase profits.




How to Cite

Assim, O. M., & Pfeifer , N. (2023). Technique Bidirectional Visitor Counter. Samarra Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 5(3), 202–215.