Projective Tensor of Almost Kahler Manifold


  • Abdulhadi Ahmed Abd Salah al-Din Education Directorate/Sharqat Education Department, Ministry of Education



The work from this search is analyze the geometrical characteristics of conharmonic tensor of projectine Almost kahler menifold. we use the projective curvature tensor's flatness properties to determine the projective tensor's Almost kahler manifold compounds. (AK-manifold). And found some components Projective of Almost Kahler. proved that the manifold M is a flat holomorphic sectional tensor of projective Almost Kahlar manifold. Prove that the manifold M has J-invariant Ricci tensor. Proved that (AK-manifold) M is kahler manifold. Finally, there exists relation between Almost Kahlar manifold (AK-manifold) and Lacally confermal Kähler menifold (LCK-manifeld) has been found.




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Abd, A. A. (2024). Projective Tensor of Almost Kahler Manifold. Samarra Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 6(1), 263–270.